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Real Estate Tax Sales, Tax Deeds & Litigation

We have a special concentration in real estate tax matters. The attorneys in our firm have served as Chairs of the Real Estate Taxation Committee of the Chicago Bar Association and Chairs of the Tax Sale/Tax Deed Subcommittee of the Real Estate Taxation Committee.

A real estate tax sale, and ultimately a tax deed, is the final step in the tax enforcement process because it can result in the loss of title to the property. This loss affects not only owners but also other parties with an interesting property such as mortgagees, occupants, lien holders, creditors, etc. The tax deed grantee receives a new and merchantable title. This process is strictly governed by the Property Tax Code, which provides for notice-serving requirements and other procedural prerequisites that must be satisfied before a tax deed is issued.

Within this strict statutory framework, we have represented all of the various parties in a wide range of cases. We have represented corporations and trust departments that own multi-million dollar properties. We have represented bank, lenders, and title companies with interests in tax-delinquent property. We have represented both professional and individual tax buyers.

We have handled objections to the County’s tax sale and objections to petitions for tax deed. We have litigated motions to vacate an order for a tax deed within 30 days as well as petitions to vacate up to two years after the order for deed. We will vigorously fight for or against the order for a tax deed and have even sought to void orders beyond the general two-year limitation in the Code of Civil Procedure.

For a detailed outline of Real Estate Tax Sale & Tax Deed law, please click here.


We have litigated and/or negotiated with numerous tax buyers throughout Illinois. For a representative list, please click here.

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