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Indemnity Fund Proceedings

If a tax deed has been issued and it is not possible to have the tax deed order set aside, it may still be possible to obtain relief for the property owner. The former property owner may be entitled to a money judgment against the county Indemnity Fund. The Indemnity Fund was created to ameliorate the harsh effect of the tax sale system by compensating owners who lose their property to tax deeds and who are deserving of relief. Under certain circumstances, mortgagees and lien holders may be entitled to a portion of the Indemnity Fund award. An Indemnity Fund proceeding may also be used to negotiate with the tax buyer to maintain possession of the property and to repurchase the property in certain circumstances

We have handled a wide variety of Indemnity Fund proceedings. We have represented the former owners of residential, commercial and industrial property as well as vacant land. We have been retained to represent the estates of deceased or incompetent owners to seek relief from the Indemnity Fund. We have also represented mortgagees and lien holders to protect their interests in the Indemnity Fund award. For a detailed outline on Indemnity Fund proceedings, please click here. One of our indemnity fund proceedings was the subject of extensive publicity. To view the newscast, click here.

If you or your clients have a potential Indemnity Fund situation, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. We generally handle Indemnity Fund cases on a contingent fee basis, which means the attorney fees are based upon a percentage of the recovery and no fees are due if there is no recovery. We also pay referral fees for these cases. We look forward to working with you and your clients.

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