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Collateral Protection, Bankruptcy and Receivership

Our firm has been retained by banks, secured lenders and other parties to investigate the value of collateral (including tax liens and tax certificates), to ensure that the lender has a valid security interest, and to maximize recovery on the collateral. We have negotiated, documented, and implemented workout agreements, short sales, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. We have represented the receiver for a business engaged in real estate tax liens/tax certificates that was being sued by its secured lender after its line of credit expired. Our firm investigated the status of hundreds of tax sale certificates and reported our findings to the lender and the court. We liquidated collateral and recovered more than $4.5 million, a complex effort that would not have been feasible without the experience and skills of our team.

Our firm has been retained as Special Counsel for a Bankruptcy Trustee. We investigated the status of the debtor’s assets and made recommendations to maximize the value of those assets for the benefit of creditors. Those recommendations were approved by the Trustee and by the Bankruptcy Court, and we have proceeded to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of creditors. We have been appointed by courts to serve as a receiver for businesses, including management of income properties in foreclosure in order to maximize value (increased occupancy and rental income, repairs and improvements, etc.). We also work with a number of experienced bankruptcy attorneys who represent parties and entities filing for bankruptcy.

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