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Real Estate/Property Tax Reductions

Many clients who are dealing with real estate tax issues are frequently dealing with two problems at the same time: 1) their taxes (not the property) have been or will be sold at a tax sale; and 2) their property is over-assessed. Because of the depth of our experience with various real estate tax issues, we help clients develop effective strategies for addressing all of their real estate tax problems. We have extensive knowledge regarding delinquent real estate taxes, tax sales and tax deeds. We also help clients seek retroactive and alternative tax relief strategies.

For more traditional options, we work with other attorneys and help clients with property tax reductions via local Assessor’s Offices and Boards of Review. Sometimes those strategies require going beyond the administrative level by filing Specific Objection lawsuits with the circuit courts or by filing complaints with the Property Tax Appeal Board. If you are looking for a referral to such an attorney or you are an attorney looking to refer a client in one of our practice areas, please contact us. We value the network of attorneys with whom we work.

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