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John Stanko Speaking at Chicago Bar Association Real Estate Taxation Seminar

John W. Stanko, Jr., will be speaking at the 2019 Chicago Bar Association (CBA) Real Estate Taxation Seminar on January 15, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. Here is a link to the CBA website for more information. 

Mr. Stanko will be speaking about:

Annual, Forfeiture and Scavenger Sales; Purchasing Delinquent Tax Liens; Effect of Bankruptcy Automatic Stay, Section 22-5 Notice Requirements His session will address the different types of Illinois delinquent tax sales, how to register and purchase delinquent tax liens, the effect of a bankruptcy automatic stay at the time of the tax sale, and the first required notice that must be prepared and filed correctly within four months and fifteen days of the tax sale.

Mr. Stanko will also be available to answer any questions regarding:

Petitioning for Tax Deed: Requirements for Sections 22-10 through 22-25 Notices, Current Issues, Sale in Error Requirements  This session will address preparing and filing the petition for tax deed and the required Section 22-10, 22-20, and 22-25 notices and what is required for each, current issues in tax deed petitioning, and sale in error requirements.

Defenses to Orders Directing the County Clerk to Issue a Tax Deed and Tax Deeds, Current Issues, Indemnity Actions  This session will address both direct and collateral defenses to an order directing the County Clerk to issue a tax deed, defenses to tax deeds, current issues, and Indemnity Actions.

Mr. Stanko and Emmett R. McCarthy have spoken at many seminars for property owners, bar associations, title companies, lenders, investment groups, the National Tax Lien Association, tax buyers, etc.


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