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Indiana Amends Real Estate Tax Sale Notice Requirements

Indiana House Bill 1320 (effective July 1, 2018) amends certain provisions of Indiana’s real property tax sales statute that require tax sale purchasers to provide notice to any person with a “substantial property interest of public record” in the property to be sold. The digest of the bill states:

Disposition of tax sale surplus. Amends the definition of “substantial property interest of public record” for purposes of the tax sale statutes to specify that: (1) the term means title to or interest in a tract that is within the tract’s chain of record title and either recorded or properly indexed in the county in which the tract is located; and (2) chain of record title includes instruments executed by the owner and recorded within the five day period before the date the owner acquires title to the tract. Eliminates the requirement that a person that redeems property sold in a tax sale must pay an amount equal to the amount deposited in the tax surplus fund at the time of the tax sale. Continues current law requiring the redeeming party to pay 5% interest on that money. Requires that a conveyance recorded after June 30, 2007, must include a statement specifying the mailing address for tax statement purposes and the mailing address of the grantee. Requires that the mailing address of the grantee be a street address or a rural route address.

For more information, click here (link courtesy of Indiana General Assembly).


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