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Food Manufacturer Sues City of Harvey Alleging Illegal Property Seizure After Tax Sale

A frozen foods manufacturer claims the city of Harvey illegally seized a company storage facility and gave it away to a local businessman without authorization. Details of the story can be found by clicking here (link courtesy of Chicago Tribune).

Assuming the City of Harvey did acquire a delinquent tax certificate against the property (likely at the 2017 scavenger tax sale), the tax certificate is only a lien against the property and does not give the certificate holder title unless and until there has been strict compliance with Sections 22-5 through 22-25 of the Property Tax Code. A review of the Clerk of the Circuit Court website (click here) as of February 4, 2018 shows that no petition for tax deed was filed on either property (PINs 29-18-106-002-0000 and 29-18-109-025-0000).


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