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Cook County Treasurer Urges Delinquent Owners to Pay 2010 Property Taxes

This is a informative article (from detailing the current status of delinquent 2010 Cook County property taxes.  In the article, Maria Pappas, the Treasurer of Cook County, urges owners to pay any delinquent 2010 Cook County Property Taxes. The article also provides a little insight into the tax sale process.

If you have any questions about delinquent property taxes, the tax sale process, or tax deed proceeds, please contact us.

Owners of homes and other real property who have not paid property taxes for tax year 2010 (originally payable in 2011) should pay immediately to avoid having their taxes offered for auction at the Annual Tax Sale which begins August 3, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas said today.Pappas said owners with unpaid bills for tax year 2010 should go to her office’s website,, and pay electronically by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 27.  Payment also can be made at Chase banks with a certified check, cashier’s check or money order by August 1.The Tax Sale is a four-day auction at which tax buyers bid on unpaid taxes, this year for 2010 bills (mailed in 2011).  If the owner does not redeem, the tax buyer can ask a court for title to the property.  Owners redeeming taxes from buyers face penalties and interest costs. To read the rest of this article, click here (


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