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Cook County Treasurer Announces 2022 Scavenger Tax Sale

The 2022 Cook County Scavenger Tax Sale is scheduled to begin on February 14, 2022. In order to be eligible for the scavenger sale a property must have three or more years of delinquent real estate taxes. The amount bid may be less than the total amount of taxes and interest due. The highest bidder wins a lien on the property. Potential buyers must register by February 4th. The list of properties to be sold is now available on the Treasurer's website. For more information about the scavenger tax sale, please visit the Treasurer’s website here.

Properties in the scavenger sale are offered AS IS. Per the Cook County Treasurer, “All sales are final. The delinquent taxes on the parcels offered for sale are solely based on the legal description of the Property Index Number ("PIN") and NOT the common street address. The Treasurer's Office does not assume any responsibility, implied or otherwise, as to the accuracy of street addresses and/or property classifications or to the legal status or condition of the properties. It is the responsibility of each buyer to research the property location, classification, nature and condition of any property or improvements prior to the sale. Be aware that many properties in scavenger sales have “issues” such as being side lots, portions of roads, exempt properties, government-owned properties, etc.

Scavenger sales follow a more traditional bidding method than annual sales, and the penalty rate is set by statute. Many people interested in real estate tax sales and tax certificates start with scavenger sales for this reason. Moreover, the likelihood of someone redeeming is small and the chance of obtaining a tax deed is high. Scavenger sale buyers must be aware that like other real estate tax sales in Illinois, they are subject to the requirements of the Illinois Property Tax Code.

We represent tax buyers in all kinds of real estate tax sales throughout Illinois. For more information about scavenger sales, click here. If you have questions about scavenger sales or researching properties prior to the sale, please contact our office. Thank you.


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