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Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Interviews Flamm on Jesse Jackson Jr. Resignation

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin recently interviewed firm Partner Matthew A. Flamm for his analysis on upcoming special election to fill the seat vacated by Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

When asked about a proposed plan to hold the special election outside the statutorily mandated 115 day window, Flamm stated: “It’s a statute, so you can’t deviate from that. A court can’t just say ‘No, let’s ignore the statute and have the election in April.’

Flamm also commented on how the statutory time constraints will affect candidate eligibility decisions made by the Illinois State Board of Elections. In the article, Flamm comments that: “It’s really crunched — very, very crunched. But the truth is, most challenges succeed or fail based on the facts of the case. Either there are enough signatures or there aren’t.

For more information on issues facing the special election, visit (subscription required).

Matthew A. Flamm is a Partner at Flamm, Teibloom & Stanko, Ltd.   He is an experienced Illinois election law attorney, practicing in Chicago, Illinois.  For more information about Mr. Flamm, please visit his bio by clicking here.


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